Monthly Winners

Starting May 15th, 2018 through September

Every current customer is eligible to win the monthly drawing. If you would like to enter and are not a current customer, please come visit our office and fill out an entry form. We are located at 91 W. Hoague Rd. Freesoil Michigan.

Our 2018 Winners

The May 15th winner is Joyce Helder of Manistee

Our 2017 Winners

Congrats to May 15th 2017 winner John & Marty Graham of Ludington

Congrats to June 15th 2017 winner Mike Cichy of Manistee

Congrats to July 15th 2017 winner Jerry  Peirano of Fountain

Congrats to August 15th 2017 winner Marguerite Rauschert of Arcadia

Congrats to September 15th 2017 winner Tom Haverkamp of Lake City

*** Action Termite & Pest Control chooses at random a monthly winner. Each winner can claim a $100 Visa Gift card by contacting msullivan@actionwdi.com. Unclaimed prizes will not be re-distributed. If you have any questions please contact us.

Number of Prizes

Total Won